Eko Club USA

On behalf of the Executive Council, the Board of Directors and the entire members of Eko Club Houston I welcome you to our website.

Eko Club Houston is a non profit Organization with a primary purpose to promote the quality of life of the people of Lagos State, preserve and support the cultural heritage, render humanitarian assistance, encourage community development and growth as well as mobilize the sons, daughters and friends of Lagos, Nigeria to partner with us in community building and services. I thank the founding members who have the wisdom and the initiative to start this club and the Past Presidents who took us this far as the Premiere and arguably the best managed organization in Houston.
It is the goal of the organization to bequeath our children with an enduring legacy. We will continue to put various educational and youth leadership programs in place aimed at ensuring that our youths become productive members of the community and exemplary leaders in our Society.

We will continue to build alliance through friends and well wishers in the Community .

Thank You and God Bless You