Medical Mission
Massey Children Hospital Lagos Project

ECH provide medical supplies and equipment for the hospital. The organization has spent more than $150,000.00 toward providing adequate care for new babies. For the 2011-2013 administrative periods, the club will spend about $30,000.00 in support of this project. Donate generously towards the Massey Children Hospital Project.

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ECI Annual Feeding Homeless
Eko Club Houston Annual Thanksgiving Diner for the Under-privileged

This has been an annual project since our inception. Eko Club Houston has spent over $100,000.00 on foods and clothing for the homeless, and cash donations to other organizations in support of the under-privileged. Be part of Eko Club Houston efforts to make lives more meaningful for the underprivileged. Donate generously.

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ECI Atlanta Project Eko Club Houston Health ProgramsECH continue to sponsor health awareness programs in the Houston area and promote healthy living amongst the people of Lagos State, Nigeria through education, treatment and provision of essential medicines. We have embarked on three Major Medical missions in collaboration with Eko Club International and over 200,000 patients were diagnosed and treated for various conditions The EKO Club International Medical Mission is cognizant of the need for follow up treatment and plans to raise $100,000 to build a clinic in Isolo, Lagos, Nigeria.
Eko Club Dallas Mentally Disable Project
ECH Ambassador of HOPE Project

This is a pet project of Eko Club Houston. Eko Club Houston since the inception has made an indelible impact in the lives of these children. There are lot more to be done in terms of accommodation, beds for these children. The greatest gift that can be given to mankind is the gift of creative life. Donate generously.

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Dr. Nurudeen Olowopopo Memorial Clinic

Support Eko Club Houston Projects

Eko Club Houston has embarked on several projects since the inception of the organization aimed at making an impact on the lives of the needy in the Houston area. Be part of these wonderful initiatives and donate generously.